Christmas decorating ideas for your home 2012

Although Christmas itself is only a moment between 24 December and 25 December, for the majority of us Christmas celebration begins on the next day of Thanksgiving with shopping craze and huge sales. Christmas is not only the time to eat, drink and be merry but also the time to snazz up and decorate our … Continue reading “Christmas decorating ideas for your home 2012”

Although Christmas itself is only a moment between 24 December and 25 December, for the majority of us Christmas celebration begins on the next day of Thanksgiving with shopping craze and huge sales. Christmas is not only the time to eat, drink and be merry but also the time to snazz up and decorate our homes both inside and outdoors. Today, Christmas decorations are no longer just tradition. They are significant, stylish and cute as well. There are a lot of options in the market that can give your houses exactly the look you want. However, some of them are affordable while others are fantasy for most of us. Therefore, choosing the one that suits your taste and fits your budget can be a real time consuming exercise. Vintage and blue lighting LEDs, lace tree baubles and themes are considered as the top of the best Christmas decoration trends this year. Metallic silver glass ornaments with glitter and colors that draw the eye also great ideas for the holiday season. Nevertheless, as always, the most appreciated trend in Christmas decoration are the personalized ornaments.

You can set up the outside decor with lights this Christmas.

The color theme of green and white is not commonly used for Christmas home dcor. However, actually the dcor for Christmas doesn’t necessarily come with traditional color solutions.

You can accent your bright white door with the deep colors of an evergreen wreath and garland. You also can tie on extra-wide red ribbons to complete the Christmas look and add graphic punch.

Green and red might be Christmas mainstays, but your holiday decor doesn’t have to depend on these two hues alone. You can weave the holiday spirit into your home decoration with completely different colors.

You can decorate the inside of the house for Christmas with many presents under the Christmas tree, candles, and a lot of colorful lights.

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15 Awesome Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Images

Here are 15 awesome decorating ideas to beautify your bedroom inexpensively for you to get inspired.

Place a large decorative mirror:

We cannot say it enough, place a decorative mirror in the room enlarged. If in addition we take great aesthetic, it becomes a decorative accessory in itself. Chose the mirror in harmony with the rest of the room and place above the bed, it will bring femininity and romance in your bedroom.

Put a garland of light:

At bedtime, it is easy to create a cozy atmosphere: Use strings of lights, whether in the shape of balls, stars and other small flowers. If they are more colorful and that you place over your headboard – who wins and in-shape, you will have won!

Apply a wall covering greenhouse:

What if instead of changing the furniture or decorative objects, rather than reworking its wall coverings to beautify the room, do not hesitate to play with color and texture effects on the walls. Here they can be coated with the famous Moroccan lime plaster, perfect to give a soft effect to end walls and satin.

Draw a sketch on a wall:

f you’re feeling creative and have great confidence in your artistic talents then this tip is for you! In two to three strokes dress the wall next to your bed, stay sober and beware of the effect overload. Sketch of a naked woman, landscape, still life, no matter the style provided it has the effect.

Choose bright colors:

Give pep and brighten up your room by dressing in bright colors like red, pink, fuchsia, orange as the dynamic color decline on walls, pillows, bed linen and even on the curtains. And if you add a few golden notes, you will create an atmosphere straight out of the land of spices.

Put curtains around the bed:

Use the beams of attic room to dress the bed using a light curtain. The bed is highlighted by the play and seen more dressed. It is a thoughtful, aesthetic and economic tip for awesome feelings.

Installing chandeliers above the bed:

f you dream about going to sleep like a princess in a romantic room and If you opted for the classic furniture, complete the array by adding two lights shaped chandeliers on both sides of your bed. Enchanted castle atmosphere is guaranteed!

A headboard painted and decorated:

Chose to personalize your room so much original that it can be painted directly on the wall at headboard in a dark shade that matches the bedding and floor covering. To decorate it, set on top of it in a straight line, a line of picture frames. Wall dressed and at the same time a headboard improvised.

Have the letters on your headboard:

The letters are a cheap trick and Deco with still their little effect. Place on the wall or on the headboard and a dresser; they undoubtedly will decorate the space that welcomes you. So fun to play with words, color and form for customizing letters of cardboard or wood (items available in hobby stores) is an exercise very accessible.

Use strips of patterned paper as a headboard:

Another trick to highlight your bed is to dress the wall that welcomes with patterned wallpaper. The trick is simple while the other walls remain united, place two or three strips of wallpaper on the wall where your bed is placed. This headboard will dress your bedroom without creating an overload effect.

Embed LEDs into one of the sections of wall:

Sleeping under the stars but not unpleasant insects or temperature, you can! Here, led’s, encrusted in the wall with dark blue background, emit light like stars in the sky. A tip to sleep as under the original stars.

Add a canopy:

You do not have enough room for a canopy bed, but you still want to sheer wrap your bed? The canopy is a good alternative. Easy to install (curtain rods, tiebacks, anchors and hooks enough), dress a canopy and give an impression of movement in the room for an energizing effect and decoration.

Install multiple lights:

As we know, the skins of light create the ambiance alone. Have more carefully in the same style lights all around your bed on, they will be the most beautiful effect and help them to enrich and revitalize your decor.

Ask stickers:

Difficult to decorate a bedroom, but quickly fall into overload. A simple trick and inexpensive: the stickers. They can dress up the room without appearing to shrink, as would the patterned wallpaper. The council as the reader simply disposes of the wall surrounding the bed. A simple but effective dressing.

Mount a platform for the bed:

If the craft does not make you afraid, do you build a platform. There you will have to place your bed; your bed will become the raised and highlighted in the room. You will gain an impression of grandeur.

“Quick and Easy Fall Decorating Ideas in the Miniature Fairy Container Garden”

As the leaves on the trees in Northern Wisconsin begin to turn the vibrant colors of orange, yellow, and burgundy, the mini gardener realizes it is time to think about decorating for fall. For many gardeners the word ?time? is limited, so here are some quick and easy ideas to switch the fairy garden from summer to fall.

Do you have a picnic table in your mini garden? If not, a bale of straw or any flat surface will work to create this tablescape. Start with a piece of burlap and cut it the size of your table top or a little larger if you want the cloth to drape over the edges. Pull and remove a couple of threads, on all four sides of the cloth, to create a little fringed edge. Lay your table runner on the surface to be covered. If you want an instant table runner keep in mind that a piece of textured ribbon will work too! Now have fun decorating your table or bale of straw with pumpkins and other gourds in varying colors, shapes, and sizes. Cut out a few mini leaves from a piece of felt and scatter them on the surface to complete the fall look. The dye from the felt may bleed when it gets wet, so only use the felt in areas where there isn?t any moisture. Finally, add a lantern or rusty watering can to add that special touch. Now that your table is festive, let?s gather more decorating supplies from the nearby woods or real size garden.

Are you ready for an adventure? Take a walk outside your house to see what dried items you can find. In the fall many of the garden grasses have dried tassels, so cut off a few tops. Gather a bunch of tassels and use a piece of raffia to tie the bundle together. In an up-right position, place a tassel bundle on each side of the fairy cottage door. At the base of the arrangement, add a black cat and some pumpkins. Another idea is to substitute dried lavender for the dried tassels and enjoy its soft color. This decoration is a quick ten minute fall look. Let?s find some additional uses for the fall items you picked.

Do you have a mini rake? Using a piece of rope, tie an arrangement of dried flowers, evergreen branches with a tiny pinecone, and red Dogwood twigs onto the rake. The decorated rake is another simple and quick decoration to lean against a barn or cottage. Next to the rake, place a metal round tub filled with fairy moss. Make a circle of small scale grapevines around the edge of the tub and add fall accessories such as putka pumpkins, gourds, and dried flowers from your garden. For an added surprise, place a resin witch?s hat behind one of the pumpkins. If you don?t have a tub, use a picnic basket, half log planter, market basket, or any container that will hold the decorations. A mini pot with a wide opening works well too. Wasn?t that a quick decoration? Here are some more ideas that take even less time.

Drape a piece of plaid fabric, with yarns in the colors of fall, over a chair back. If you are using the 1:12 scale in your fairy gardens, then cut the fabric four-inches by five-inches. Next, place some red Dogwood twigs in a pot for decoration. Another quick idea is to place, on a table covered with cob webs, a pumpkin tea pot next to a witch?s hat. Do you have a fairy wall or an ancient Greek wall? Here?s a tip. Use adhesive dots to secure pumpkins to the top ledge. Fill in the spaces with fairy moss. As a last thought, think about adding some twinkle lights to your miniature fairy garden display.

Many of the ?real size? fall d?cor can be minimized for fairy gardening. Search web sites and decorating magazines for tips. Now?what fall decorating design can I come up with for the rusty birdhouse?Article Source: Gardening offers a variety of accessories, fairies, plants, garden tools & furniture to create enchanting miniature landscapes for containers or your yard. Miniature garden include whimsical cottages, gnome doors, bridges, paths, garden tools and even miniature animals. Check the largest online collection of fairy houses at

23 Beach Home Decor Ideas

Is your beach house a little dated or needing a mini makeover? Here are 23 simple decorating ideas that will spruce up and highlight the beauty of your summer residence.

1. Classic Adirondack chairs on the porch.

2. Removable cushion covers and sofa slipcovers in outdoor-rated fabrics such as Sunbrella are easy to wash and will stand up to damp swimsuits and towels.

3. Braided or woven area rug. Because the wood floors do take a beating.

4. Unfinished, unlaquered table tops echoe the look of driftwood.

5. White wicker end tables are perfect for bedrooms or the living room.

6. Removable cushion covers and sofa slipcovers in outdoor-rated fabrics such as Sunbrella are easy to wash and will stand up to damp swimsuits and towels.

7. A lighthouse needlepoint throw pillow displayed on a rocking chair.

8. Use red, white, and blue accents for a touch of Americana throughout your house.

9. Louvered shutters keep the midday sun at bay on porches and bedrooms.

10. Ceiling fans to circulate the air and cool the rooms.

11. Underwater themed or tropical wall mural in a bedroom or the living room.

12. Decorative seagrass baskets for storage.

13. Bed linens with vivid blue and bright white stripes for a classic nautical theme.

14. For a high-ceilinged room, keep the windows unadorned to let the natural light in completely.

15. Picnic table and benches for outdoor dining

16. Simple vintage bed frames.

17. Seashell framed mirror for the bathroom.

18. A nautical house flag or brightly colored windsock for the front porch.

19. Wooden model ship. A mini version of a sailboat, fishing boat, or yacht for a centerpiece or to display on a mantel or coffee table.

20. Ornamental lawn lighthouse for the front yard.

21. Cabinet hardware with shell, lighthouse, dolphin, boat, anchor, or palm tree designs

22. Door knocker with anchor or clam shell design.

23. And of course, display seashells, driftwood, and sea rocks found at your local beach throughout your beach house for a special touch.

Use a combination of these beach home decor tips to bring a fresh and decidedly beachy feel to your home.

This Season with Christmas cake Decoration Ideas

This traditional Christmas cake design features poinsettias piped in butter cream. The cake is created with a 9″ square tier and a 6″ round tier. If you prefer, you can make this same cake with holly decorations, using the same cake decorating tip to make the leaves and creating the holly berries with a #6 round trip. Before adding together the poinsettia decorations to the cake, it really is suitable for any theme. You can even use Christmas picks on the top and four corners of the square cake. Christmas cake decorating ideas are plentiful in book, online & all over the place. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a celebration of life. All most all our celebrations are closely associated to food that we consume on the occasion. Baking a Christmas cake is an integral part of the celebrations. As the season is associated with lots of happiness you can come up with innovative Christmas cake decorating ideas. When you think about Christmas the first thing you associate with it is the Santa. You can make a Santa figure with sugar paste & put it on your cake. With white icing you can create the snow that is generally around that time of the year. If you are not the part of white Christmas you can recreate it on your Christmas cake decoration.

You can come up with different ideas of christmas cake decorating from the three predominant colors you find around that time. Traditionally the Christmas tree is decorated with lots of colorful stars, different ornaments including glitter, the gifts packed with shiny gift papers. There is white snow around the house. The Santa is supposed to be wearing a red coat & riding a sleigh pulled by the red nosed reindeer. While decorating your Christmas cake if you use red, white and green colors you will have a beautiful looking Christmas cake. Christmas cake decorating ideas are bound to bring out the artist in you. If you like to play with your food and enjoy it then you could use edible fresh flowers as Christmas cake decoration. You can use rose petals, honeysuckle & calendulas to decorate your plain Christmas cake.

If you prefer fruits to flowers you can use oranges, strawberries, kiwis & grapes can be arranged on the top of the Christmas cake. You can glaze it with shiny syrup or you can get some whipped cream put it on the sliced fresh figs and arrange it to make a border for your cake. You cannot go wrong with chocolate. For Christmas cake decorating you can use chocolate curls. Just use your vegetable peeler to peel the chocolate bar. You can mold marzipan into different shapes. Make animals or flowers or vegetables out of that & decorate your Christmas cake.

You can use lace paper dollies as a Christmas cake decorating idea. You can place it over the cake before dusting. You will get wonderful lacy patterns. You can cut some very lovely patterns from parchment paper such as polka dots, diamonds, flowers, stars or vines & give your delectable cake equally delicious look. You can make use of royal icing on the cake or get some icing that can be rolled out to give a smooth finish to your Christmas cake.

Log on to christmas celebrations where you will find lots of christmas gifts and different types of christmas flowers in upcoming christmas new year season.